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    Wavelength (nm)
    Type of Illumination

    Fluorescent Illumination

    Fluorescent Illumination is used to provide illumination to a number of optical or imaging applications such as spectroscopy or inspection. Fluorescent Illumination consists of a range of illumination products including line lights, backlights, or ring lights that use fluorescent bulbs to produce bright, even illumination for applications’ needs. Fluorescent Illumination is ideal for lighting dark or shadowed objects due to the even illumination uniformly lighting the given object or surface.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fluorescent Illumination products suited for many illumination needs. Fluorescent Illumination products generally feature long operating lifetimes that make them reliable lighting products for most environments or settings. Fluorescent Illumination is also ideal for fluorescence microscopy applications, as many materials fluoresce when lit by Fluorescent Illumination. A selection of LED replacement illumination products is also available for upgrading or replacing obsolete Fluorescent Illumination. LED replacement illumination features longer operating lifetimes along with multiple color options.

    Fluorescent Illuminators | 查看所有

    Fluorescent Ultra High Frequency Ring Lights
    Fluorescent Ultra High Frequency Ring Lights
    • Longer Working Distances Than Fiber Optic Ring Light Guides
    • Available to Fit a Large Range of Lens Diameters - 0.5" to 2.64"
    • 360º Uniform Shadow Free Illumination

    LED Fluorescent Replacement Illumination | 查看所有

    LED 環形照明燈
    LED 環形照明燈
    • 具有大的內徑,以易於安裝
    • 色溫為6400K
    • 提供分段光控功能及偏振器/分析器機型
    Metaphase Technologies LED 背光燈
    Metaphase Technologies LED 背光燈
    • 較冷陰極螢光背光燈的亮度高2倍
    • 不用暖機時間
    • 無閃爍的LED照明
    Metaphase Technologies LED 線性燈
    Metaphase Technologies LED 線性燈
    • 是線性螢光燈的完美替代品
    • 完全漫射,等向輸出
    • 亮度是通常螢光照明的3倍
    Metaphase Technologies 寬光束LED聚光燈
    Metaphase Technologies 寬光束LED聚光燈
    • 較60W白熱泛光燈的亮度高6倍
    • 低功耗
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination



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