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    LED Fiber Optic Illuminators

    LED Fiber Optic Illuminators are used to provide intense, even illumination to a wide range of imaging applications such as machine vision or microscopy. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators are light sources that use LED illumination to transmit light through fiber optic light guides that have been designed to interface with the illuminator. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators allow light to be directed in a number of different ways through the use of light guide adapter heads making them extremely versatile illumination options for a number of different applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators suited for many illumination needs. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators offer the benefit of providing several different kinds of illumination devices, such as backlights or ring lights, with only one illumination source. This feature makes LED Fiber Optic Illuminators ideal, cost-efficient illumination components. A selection of accessories or additional light guides is also available for increased versatility or replacement needs.

    SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED 照明燈
    SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED 照明燈
    • 超高強度白色 LED 光纖照明燈
    • 可直接替換 150W 鹵素照明燈
    • LED 使用壽命超過 60,000 小時
    Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000 光纖LED照明燈
    Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000 光纖LED照明燈
    • 採用具有780流明輸出的高功率白光LED
    • 具有15級調整光強度功能
    • 具有堅固外罩,非常適合實驗室或工廠使用
    Dolan-Jenner Mi-LED 光纖LED照明燈
    Dolan-Jenner Mi-LED 光纖LED照明燈
    • 10 - 100%的固態可調強度
    • 40,000小時的LED使用壽命
    • 提供具光圈選項
    • 採用緊湊的6.4” x 4.1” x 6.0”設計
    • 使用可調整照明強度的白色LED
    • 25mm接口可搭配使用標準MX轉接器
    ScopeLED™ 光纖照明燈
    ScopeLED™ 光纖照明燈
    • 完備的強度與閃頻控制
    • 提供適用於微調白色光或調整彩色光的版本
    • 柱式固定選項與調整架相容,非常適用於顯微鏡
    Sugarcube™ LED 照明燈
    Sugarcube™ LED 照明燈
    • 可直接替代150W鹵素照明燈
    • 與鹵素光源相較可省電50%
    • LED使用壽命超過60,000小時
    • 適合搭配使用光纖光導管


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