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    Wavelength (nm)
    Type of Illumination
    Illumination Mode

    LED Line Lights

    LED Line Lights are used to provide bright, direct light for a number of industrial imaging applications such as factory automation or inspection. LED Line Lights are illuminators that emit light across a long, narrow area. LED Line Lights are ideal for many assembly line applications as they may be arranged in a linear pattern. LED Line Lights offer the ability to intensely illuminate a range of objects at once rather than providing centered light on a single small area.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Line Lights suited for many imaging needs. LED Line Lights offer the benefit of intense, direct light that can be easily used together to assemble an efficient light array to cover large areas. Many LED Line Lights also possess strobing capability for timed illumination. A selection of color options is also available to provide additional customization or for applications that require specific wavelengths.

    • 直接存取光學元件,從而快速、手動調整照明錐角
    • 包括可互換窗鏡,從而提供輕鬆調整光擴散的功能
    • 易於集成線掃描配件,以用於線性或暗場照明

    • 由最多四個裝置構成菊花鏈
    • 不需要任何散熱器
    • 提供白色、紅色與藍色版本

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity LED Line Lights
    • 12" Working Distance
    • Mounts Via 'T-slot' for M6 Nut
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Advanced Illumination LED Broad Area Linear Arrays
    • Even Illumination Along the Length of the Light
    • Low Angle Illumination for Edge/Surface Feature Detection
    • Fixed Intensity and Strobed Options

    • 在1"距離內提供厚度為0.25"的光線
    • 提供固定強度與頻閃的選項
    • 產品使用壽命為50,000小時

    Banner Industrial LED Linear Arrays
    • Wide Selection of Colors and Lengths
    • Continuous or Strobed Operation Selectable
    • 10° Angular Spread
    • Sealed IP68 LED Linear Arrays Also Available

    LED Line Lights
    • Variable Intensity with DC Current Controller
    • Excellent Uniformity
    • 100,000 Hour Product Lifetime

    Metaphase Technologies LED 線性燈
    • 是線性螢光燈的完美替代品
    • 完全漫射,等向輸出
    • 亮度是通常螢光照明的3倍



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