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    Type of Shutter
    Video Output
    Resolution (MegaPixels)
    Camera Sensor Format
    Frame Rate (fps)
    Pixel Size, H x V (μm)
    Type of Sensor
    Camera Family
    Imaging Device

    Mounting Accessories

    Mounting Accessories are used to mount imaging components into a variety of applications. Mounting Accessories consist of a number of products including posts, platforms, or boom stands designed to mount components onto a stable surface. Mounting Accessories feature or interface with an optical base such as optical breadboards or platforms to create an effective foundation for assembling optical systems. Many Mounting Accessories are able to be independently positioned for accurate alignment.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Mounting Accessories suited for many optical needs. Edmund Optics offers Mounting Accessories including posts, bases, clamps, vibration isolation tables, or translation platforms. Mounting Accessories such as boom stands feature their own base, making them ideal for mobile or smaller optical requirements. Other Mounting Accessories such as posts require separate optical surfaces to interface with. Vibration isolation tables minimize unwanted motion. A large selection of clamps or adapters is also available to give extended compatibility options.

    Accessories for Imaging Systems

    • Mounting for Hard-to-Reach Places
    • 透過混合與配對取得自訂固定組合
    • Lockable Angular Positioning

    Boom Stand Mounting Adapters
    • Standard and Deluxe Versions Available
    • ¼-20 Mounting
    • Compatible with our Most Popular Line of Boom Stands

    • 標準,滾珠軸承和鉸接臂三種型號
    • 安裝適配器單獨出售
    • 九種萬向支架和安裝座的組合

    Imaging System Bases

    Pan-Tilt Mounts
    • Load Capacities of 6 lbs and 9 lbs
    • Plug and Play Capability
    • RS-232/485 Computer Controls
    • Available in Nodal Configurations

    Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts for Imaging Systems

    SLIK Mini-Pro 緊湊型三腳架
    • 可輕鬆安裝到具有1/4-20螺紋接頭的相機上
    • 採用180°傾斜球型雲台與360°立柱旋轉,可實現最大 的靈活性
    • 具有雙節支柱,便於存放

    Stainless Steel Posts for Imaging Systems
    • Posts for Integration into Imaging Systems
    • Vertical Posts Thread to Bases and Platforms
    • Horizontal Arms Thread to Posts and Microscope Head Mounts
    • Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts, and Accessories also Available

    X-Y 定位台
    • 在X與Y方向的行程為200mm
    • 滾珠軸承隨尼龍指旋螺釘滑動



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