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Clearance Optical Filters

Bandpass Interference Filters
  • Many CWL Options Available
  • Ideal for Biomedical Applications and Instrumentation Integration
  • Unmounted and Mounted Versions Offered

Commercial Grade Additive and Subtractive Dichroic Color Filters

Commercial Grade Reflective Neutral Density Filters

Experimental Grade Bandpass Interference Filters
  • Ideal for Selectively Transmitting a Narrow Range of Wavelengths
  • Quantities Extremely Limited, Buy While Supplies Last
  • For Even More Deals, Check out Mega Clearance: Optics

Experimental Grade Color Filters

Experimental Grade Neutral Density Filters

  • 適用於頻寬很窄的氣態與固態雷射
  • 適用於頻寬很寬的二極體雷射淨化
  • 具備高穿透與完整的阻隔能力

  • 常用的二極體、氣體及固態雷射光
  • 針對每種雷射光提供多種頻寬
  • 通帶以外出色的攔截效果

Mounted Infrared (IR) Filters
  • Pass Only Visible Light or Only IR
  • IR-Cut are Ideal for Use As Heat-Absorbing Filters

  • 適用於紫外線應用
  • 搭配使用高通及帶通濾光片
  • 供應各種尺寸



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