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Optical Lens Mounts

Optical Lens Mounts are used to position or hold optical components such as optical lenses, optical filters, targets, or reticles in a range of applications. Through a variety of securing mechanisms, Optical Lens Mounts secure the optical component while minimizing the risk of damage. Optical Lens Mounts are available in manual or motorized varieties to provide varying options to meet any optical positioning needs.

Edmund Optics offers a wide assortment of Optical Lens Mounts such as C-Mount, Kinematic, or Gimbal mounts for integration into optical systems. The C-Mount Simple Lens Mount is a C-Mount compatible mount that uses a single retaining ring to secure optical elements up to 30mm diameter. The Motorized Kinematic Mount offers high resolution kinematic movement that may be controlled via a computer using an RS-232 serial interface. The Precision Gimbal Mount utilizes color coded micrometers to provide 360° angular translation, and 0.25mm pitch fine angular translation.


  • 適合直接安裝至實驗板
  • 25.4mm 中心線高度
  • 精巧外型

  • 簡單的安裝佈置
  • 公制和英制配置
  • 黑色陽極電鍍鋁

  • 允許在X和Y軸平移±1.5mm
  • 可容納厚度最多為15mm的光學元件
  • 0.25mm螺距,用於元件的精確對準

  • 類似於以上調整臺,但新增了Z軸調整
  • 一個裝置可以調節對位和間距
  • 一個調整臺替換三個載物臺

Metric Bar-Type Holders
  • 安裝直徑介於5至60mm之間的
  • 光學組件
  • Max Edge Thickness of 2mm and 4mm

  • 可快速精準地定位圓形光學產品
  • 可安裝最大 110mm 直徑的光學產品
  • 1/4-20 TPI 安裝螺紋,用於桿式安裝應用

  • 黑色陽極電鍍鋁
  • M6 x 1.0 Mounting Thread
  • Post and Post Holders Required

  • 適用於安裝及定中心圓形光學產品及雷射鏡筒
  • 具保護效果的尼龍頭螺絲
  • 1/4-20 TPI 安裝螺紋,用於桿式安裝應用

  • 單獨夾持調整配件(¼-20)或動態框架
  • Accepts up to 4-¼" Diameters
  • 動態角度分辨率高



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