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Matthew Stairiker

Glass molding has been pretty much my entire life since Edmund Optics purchased its first Toshiba Glass Molding machine. Every day I am presented with a different challenge. Glass molding is a very complicated and convoluted process. It incorporates many different aspects of our optical manufacturing business. Understanding how and to what level of quality traditional optics are manufactured, gives our molding department a target for the quality we should be producing. Our goal is to provide the customer with a molded optic that is indistinguishable from a traditionally manufactured one.Right Quotation Mark

Matthew Stairiker is an Optical Manufacturing Production Engineer at Edmund Optics' Barrington, NJ, USA office. He manages daily operations in the glass molding department, including design of mold tools and glass molding process for each molded optical component. He received his BS in Physics from Allegheny College located in Meadville, PA, USA.


  • 2006 – "Glass Molding Makes High-Quality Aspheres Cost Effective" by Matthew Stairiker – Photonics Tech Briefs, 2006
  • Final shape of precision molded optics: Part I – Computational approach, material definition and the effect of lens shape
  • Final shape of precision molded optics: Part II – Sensitivity to material properties and process parameters



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