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30X Deluxe Direct Measuring Pocket Microscopes

  • Inch or Metric Models
  • Extra Wide Field Eyepiece

An extra fine instrument for critical inspection and direct measurement with a precision built-in reticle. Our Deluxe Direct Measuring Microscope features a large 1" diameter eyepiece assembly, a user-friendly design to allow for easier handling and fast, precise focusing. The extra wide field eyepiece provides a 5/32" (3.75mm) field of view, almost 20% wider than comparable pocket microscopes. The eyepiece has a fine thread screw focus for precise adjustment and an additional knurled ring allows you to rotate the reticle without moving the instrument. The 3/8" chrome shaft and 5/8" diameter acrylic base allow inspection in the tightest spaces. Available with either inch or mm 90° crossline scale. English scale is 0.12" long with 0.001" increments, and metric scale is 3mm long with 0.05mm increments.


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