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C-Mount Tube System Helicoid Barrels

C-Mount Helicoid Movement Barrel, #11-131

C-Mount Helicoid Movement Barrel, #11-131

  • Provides 7.5mm of Linear Travel Without Rotating Components
  • Internal ¾-32 Thread for Component Mounting
  • Ideal for Integrating MVO® Relay Lens as an Imaging Lens

TECHSPEC® Helicoid Barrel for 15mm Optics is versatile and easily integrated into applications. The Helicoid Barrel has a linear travel distance of 7.5mm and an internal ¾-32 TPI standard thread, allowing for quick component adaption. When combined with one of our Mounted MVO Relay Lenses, the Helicoid Barrel provides the otherwise fixed lens with focusability. Smaller sensor sizes, including ½" format, can be covered when combined with the mounted MVO® Relay Lenses. The Helicoid Barrel for 15mm Optics is ideally used as a mount for imaging lenses or for relay lens systems in imaging applications. To use the Helicoid Barrel with our 15mm diameter Mounted Achromatic Pairs, and adpater is available for integration. Also, our Achromat Prototyping System is designed specifically for use with the Helicoid Barrel.

Note: Accessories are required for operation and sold separately. The adapters thread into the helicoid’s inner barrel. One retainer ring is required to position the lens adapters, or two can be used to maintain a fixed position. Two 1.5mm wide slots are provided on each accessory to accommodate a spanner wrench. Two retainer rings can also be used to hold a TECHSPEC® lens with a 15mm diameter in place.


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