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#57-019 & #57-025 (sold separately)
#57-019 & #57-025 (sold separately)

#57-019 & #57-025 (sold separately)

#57-019 & #57-025 (sold separately)

  • Fixed Focus and Adjustable Focus Lens Options
  • Rugged Housing
  • Low Profile Design Available

Fiber Optic Line Lights are often used in line scan camera systems due to the combination of a compact design along with an ability to generate lines of intense, uniform light. Fiber Optic Line Lights are also ideal for use in applications requiring darkfield illumination or a rectangular illumination area. Focusable Fiber Optic Line Lights can be supplemented with focusing lenses that can be positioned relative to the fibers to adjust focus position or line thickness. These lights are housed in industrial-grade extruded aluminum for added durability, and feature a T-slot for ¼-20 square head bolts that runs along the length for mounting. Low Profile Fiber Optic Line Lights are designed for space-sensitive applications, and feature two 1/8" thru-holes for mounting requirements.

Note: Light Guide Adapters are required to mate the low profile Fiber Optic Line Lights with fiber optic illuminators.


Focusable Fiber Optic Line Lights
Stock No. Line Aperture A B C
#57-019 1.5" x 0.020" 2.5" 0.312" 0.20"
#57-020 3.0" x 0.020" 4.0" 0.438" 0.28"
#57-021 6.0" x 0.020" 7.5" 0.562" 0.39"
#68-103 10.0" x 0.020" 11.5" 0.625" 0.5"
Low Profile Fiber Optic Line Lights
Stock No. A B C
#53-986 0.187" 0.138" -
#53-987 0.312" 0.195" 6"


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