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  • 具有穩定的光學輸出功率
  • 提供圓形或橢圓形光束
  • 可調制到最高10kHz

405nm可調焦紫外線雷射二極體模組可提供0.9 - 10mW的輸出功率。這些統包式雷射二極體模組兼具驅動電子裝置與光束平行化光學裝置,易於使用且適合多種應用。每個雷射二極體模組都具有外部對焦機制,能搭配使用可互換的投射頭。使用模組前面的兩顆固定螺釘,可將投射頭固定到雷射模組上。

注意: 電源供應器與 固定支架 另售。

Each Focusable Violet Laser Diode Module provides stabilized output power and can operate in either CW or modulated mode. These laser diode modules easily plug into the 5V DC power supply (sold separately) via a standard DC jack and have two additional wire leads for TTL signal to operate in modulation mode. Each laser diode module features an external focusing mechanism and can be integrated with the optional interchangeable projection heads.


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