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High Performance Standard Series Iris Diaphragms

Standard Series

Standard Series

  • Corrosion Resistant Housing
  • High Heat Resistance
  • AR Spring Steel or Burnished Spring Steel Leaf Options Available

High quality materials combined with the highest fabrication standards guarantee that these irises provide optimum performance reliability even under the most extreme conditions. Different leaf and aperture diameter options allow these irises to be successfully integrated into a variety of applications including imaging and high temperature environments. Irises with removable pins are conveniently incorporated into OEM solutions. Known pin/tab angular deviation allows upfront, accurate assessment of movement requirements. Housing is a corrosion resistant, matte finish, black anodized aluminum alloy. Custom variations will be considered for OEM quantities; please contact our Sales Department for quantity discounts.

Note: Iris Diaphragm Mounts sold separately.


Outer Diameter A Maximum Aperture B Minimum Aperture C Thickness D Level Position E Full Angular Range of Lever F Stock No.
10mm 5mm 0.5mm 4mm 2.4mm 78° #57-573
12mm 7mm 0.5mm 4mm 2.4mm 88° #57-574
14.8mm 8mm 1mm 4.5mm 2.5mm 77° #57-580
19.8mm 12mm 1mm 5mm 3.0mm 87° #57-575
28mm 18mm 1mm 5mm 2.9mm 90° #57-576
30mm 20mm 1.2mm 5.5mm 2.9mm 93° #57-577
37mm 25mm 1.5mm 5.5mm 3mm 94° #57-582
53mm 37mm 2.5mm 6mm 3.2mm 90° #57-583
70mm 50mm 2.5mm 7mm 3.8mm 93° #57-584
82mm 60mm 4mm 8mm 4.5mm 92° #57-585
100mm 75mm 4mm 9mm 4.5mm 94° #57-586


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