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  • 適用於簡單透鏡、消色差透鏡、濾光片或刻度板的接頭
  • 專為與任何S接環元件整合而設計
  • 使用隨附的壓環可將光學裝置固定到位
  • C-Mount Lens Mounts or T-Mount Lens Mounts Also Available

TECHSPEC® S-Mount Lens Mounts are designed to mount a variety of optical components into S-mount compatible systems. A threaded retainer ring that has been designed to accept a standard straight flat blade spanner wrench holds the optical component securely in place. TECHSPEC S-Mount Lens Mounts are threaded for M12 x 0.5 mounting, with a 16mm outer diameter.


L1 L2 Stock No.
6.2mm 9.2mm #63-938
6.2mm 9.2mm #63-939
5.6mm 8.6mm #63-940
5.6mm 8.6mm #63-941
5.6mm 8.6mm #63-942
8.6mm 11.6mm #63-943
13.6mm 16.6mm #63-944
L1 L2 Stock No.
9.7mm 12.7mm #63-948
9.7mm 12.7mm #63-949
9.7mm 12.7mm #63-950
12.7mm 15.7mm #63-651
20.5mm 23.5mm #63-952


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