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Sony XC-E Series Monochrome CCD Cameras

  • 提供紫外線、可見光及近紅外機型
  • 採用輕量型緊湊設計
  • 具有高訊雜比:60dB

The XC-E Series are economical, monochrome cameras that incorporate the latest 1/3" and ½" format Interline (IT) CCD sensors. Their standard analog format makes them easy to integrate for display directly on a video monitor or imaging via a computer using a capture board. The XC-ES Series are standard models for visible range, while the XC-EI Series and XC-EU series cover the near-infrared and near-ultraviolet ranges respectively. A 12-pin Hirose connector carries both the signal out and power in. Individual cameras are sold without power supply. Recommended power supplies include power and 4 BNC outputs.


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