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VHK™ Circular Beam Visible Laser Modules

VHK™ Circular Beam Visible Laser Modules

VHK™ Circular Beam Visible Laser Modules

  • Small Circular Beams
  • Diffraction-Limited Performance
  • Wavelengths of 635nm and 670nm
  • Output Power from 0.95 to 4.9mW

A new selection of compact, high-efficiency diode laser modules with clean, circular beams for applications where visual spot quality is important. They combine CircuLaser™ point-source laser diodes and AlignLock™ optical assembly technology with sophisticated electronics, to provide efficient and reliable laser sources. These miniature modules produce diffraction-limited performance and are ideal for laboratory and OEM applications. Easily integrated into systems that currently require gas tube lasers, they also offer significantly increased coupling efficiency to single mode fibers. The circular low-divergence beams feature the lowest astigmatism possible and have a total wavefront error of less than a ¼-wavelength. Propagation is Gaussian with typical M2 values of <1.2 and Strehl Ratios of 0.9 or better.

General specifications include: beam power stabilized to ±4% of nominal, #53-263. CDRH certified. Power Supply, required for operation, sold separately.


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