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CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Optimized for Fluorescence Applications
  • Low Dark Noise
  • Wide Spectral Response Range

Featuring high sensitivity and low dark noise, the high performance CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer is designed specifically for fluorescence applications. A TE cooled, 2048 pixel linear CCD array provides long operation stability and improved signal-to-noise ratio. The CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer is ideal for use in low light level applications where it is critical to detect even the weakest optical signal.

CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometers utilize a wide, 100μm slit, and a cylindrical lens to collect and focus as much light as possible onto a 200μm pixel, making them ideal for low light level fluorescence applications. Additionally, CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometers have a broadband spectral response range in order to detect the wide wavelength bands of fluorescence applications.


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