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Color Measurement Modules and Detectors

  • Measures Reflective or Luminous Samples
  • Small Size, Scalable
  • Flexible Integration

These small color measurement modules offer a solution designed with integration, scalability and quality color measurement in mind. The modules can be integrated into a variety of solutions including color calibration of computer monitors, automotive sensors, densitometers, laser printers, lighting control, LED test equipment, and automation equipment.

The main boards of the sensor modules include circuitry to control the lighting and the sensor. The software allows additional control and color measurement calculations through an easy to navigate user interface. A USB DLL is available for integration with multiple software programs, including LabVIEW™ and MATLAB®.

The Top Sensor Module provides standard 45/0 lighting geometry via a four-position white LED pad. The Dark Sensor Module provides color measurement of luminous samples up to 15mm diameter. The color sensors themselves, available in an LCC8 or T0-39 package, can be ordered for OEM integration.


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