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E-Zoom6V Stereo Video Systems

  • 標準系統具有40 – 240倍的放大倍率
  • Multiple System Configurations Offered
  • Supplemental Lenses Available

E-Zoom6V Stereo Video Systems feature a ball-bearing boom stand and multiple camera and ring light options. Ideal for laboratory or factory inspection applications, system field of view ranges from 8.1 - 1.3mm. The addition of supplemental lenses can greatly expand the range of this video system. By interchanging 0.5X and 2.0X lenses, magnifications from 20X to nearly 480X can be achieved.

The analog system is ideal for factory floors, or for areas where a computer may not be available. Digital systems are offered with 1.3, 3.0, and 5MP color or monochrome cameras, making them ideal for basic and high-resolution inspection.


Objective Magnification Standard System 0.5X Supplemental Lens 2.0X Supplemental Lens
FOV (mm) Magnification FOV (mm) Magnification FOV (mm) Magnification
0.8 8.1 38.4X 16.3 19.2X 4.1 76.7X
1.0 6.5 47.9X 13.0 24.0X 3.3 95.9X
2.0 3.3 95.9X 6.5 47.9X 1.7 191.8X
3.0 2.2 143.8X 4.3 71.9X 1.1 287.7X
4.0 1.6 191.8X 3.3 95.9X 0.8 383.5X
5.0 1.3 239.7X 2.6 119.9X 0.7 479.4X

E-Zoom6V Microscope System*
Description Stock No.
E-Zoom6V Head and 10X Eyepieces #59-417
Rack & Pinion Focusing Mount #33-195
Ball Bearing Boom Stand #54-121
32mm Fixed Column for Boom Stand #55-618

*Included with all analog and digital systems.

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