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FireWire.a VGA Board Level Cameras

  • Full Frame Electronic Shutter
  • Standard M12 x 0.5 Lens Mount
  • Uncompressed VGA Picture Up to 30fps
  • DCAM Compliant

This line of board level cameras utilizes IEEE-1394/FireWire technology while providing VGA resolution at a very competitive price. Designed to integrate Edmund’s own line of micro video lenses, these easy-to-use cameras comply with IIDC DCAM 1.04 (and later) specifications for industrial uncompressed VGA picture acquisition. Interchanging lenses from our large selection of micro video products offers tremendous versatility for solving a host of machine vision and inspection applications. Three versions of this camera are available; monochrome, color, and color-RAW. A removable second IEEE-1394/FireWire port is provided permitting cameras to be daisy chained. IEEE-1394/FireWire cable included.

Included driver software allows the user to view, capture, play, and control still images and movie clips for the IEEE-1394/FireWire cameras listed below. Features of the software include RAW color-coding support, remote monitoring capabilities, title, time and date inclusion in picture, and TCP streaming.

Note: Driver software available for download.


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