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Helicoid Barrel for 12.5mm Optics

  • 16mm of Linear Travel
  • Accepts 12.5mm Diameter TECHSPEC® Optics
  • Male and Female C-Mount Threads

TECHSPEC® Helicoid Barrel for 12.5mm Optics has an extended linear travel of 16mm and adds 41.9mm to a system’s length. This Helicoid Barrel is designed to hold 12.5mm diameter TECHSPEC® optics, ranging in edge thickness form 2 – 8.75mm. Based on our MMS Imaging Lenses, smooth helical movement provides twice the travel of our Helicoid Barrel for 15mm Optics #54-392. TECHSPEC® Helicoid Barrel for 12.5mm Optics includes a retaining ring and position-locking set screws. Ideal for relay lens systems in imaging applications.

Note: Extra retaining ring used to maintain fixed position of lens adapters sold separately.


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