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InGaAs NIR Spectrometer | Edmund Optics
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InGaAs NIR Spectrometer

Offering low dark noise and high sensitivity, InGaAs NIR Spectrometers utilize high performance, TE cooled 512 pixel linear. Each spectrometer features a SMA 905 fiber optic input, and a built-in 16-bit digitizer with high speed readout of greater than 200 spectra/second. With integration times of 200μs to greater than 64sec, these NIR spectrometers can detect even the weakest infrared signals. Typical applications include chemical and moisture analysis, telecommunication, laser characterization, coarse ellipsometry, produce inspection, and defense.

InGaAs NIR Spectrometers feature a robust software bundle. The software includes a wide variety of archiving, processing, and analysis functions. Raw data, spectrum graphing, dark subtraction, and integration timing allow for accurate and precise data collection. Data can also be easily exported to Microsoft® Excel for analysis and documentation. Single spectrum analysis or continuous data collection modes add to the flexibility of each NIR spectrometer.

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