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層壓中性密度 (ND) 濾光片薄膜

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film

  • 很高的剛性與耐久性
  • 採用抗反射 (AR) 鍍膜以減少眩光
  • 易於處理與安裝

層壓中性密度 (ND) 濾光片薄膜由層壓Kodak Wratten 2中性密度 (ND) 濾光片製成,該濾光片的一側附加抗反射 (AR) 薄片以提高剛性、耐久性與處理簡易性。此濾光片薄膜具有多種尺寸,與我們推出的標準光學接頭模組化安裝元件相容。存放在潮濕環境中會導致濾光片起霧。長期存放時,環境溫度請勿超過50°C。

注意: 注意:密度與穿透值係針對非層壓濾光片薄膜而言。層壓通常會變更光學密度,變更幅度小於光學密度的±0.1倍。View curves for specific performance data.

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film features an anti-reflection (AR) coating to reduce glare and reflection with little impact on overall optical density. Typically, Wratten filters are delicate and difficult to handle, complicating mounting and system integration. Applying an AR coating to a single side of the filter film increases rigidity and durability, allowing for more size offerings, and easing mounting and system integration.

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