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2" (50mm) Motorized Kinematic Mount (Front), #68-339

2" (50mm) Motorized Kinematic Mount (Back), #68-339

  • 出色的分辨率和重複率
  • 輕鬆與整合的電機和控制器結合使用
  • Controlled Manually or Via RS-232 Serial Interface
  • ½” (12.5mm), 1” (25mm) and C-mount Adapters Available

The computer controlled Motorized Kinematic Mount offers high resolution kinematic movement with 10.5° of angular travel and 0.264° per motor revolution. Once the Motorized Kinematic Mount moves to a desired position, it reports the position through the RS-232 connection and will maintain that position even without power applied. The potentiometers located on the back of the mount provide a convenient way to manually control position. The potentiometers can be used to move the mount at a minimum speed of 1.5μrad/s up to a maximum speed of 60mrad/s. During a manual move, the mount continually transmits its position and can be monitored via a computer, though no computer is required for manual operation.

Each self contained unit includes two stepper motors (one for each axis), built-in controller that connects directly to the RS-232 port of any computer, 15V universal power supply, and 6ft. data cable. Replacement accessories can be purchased separately. Mount can be daisy-chained up to 127 units (254 axes).


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