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TECHSPEC Relay Lenses

TECHSPEC Relay Lenses

  • 已針對1:1成像進行最佳化
  • 提供f/4與f/8版本

中繼轉接鏡頭專為如今的許多電子成像應用而設計,可在小巧的封裝內提供卓越的效能。若設計者要針對光電倍增管、檢查應用與幾乎所有1:1成像應用而建置中繼系統,則這些鏡頭是理想選擇。Field coverage goes up to 8mm diameter (specified on a ½" diagonal sensor) for the 15mm fl and 11mm diameter for the 30mm and 45mm fl versions. Barrel diameters have been kept to a minimum for easy integration. Distance values listed in the table are from the end of the housing.

Prescription information available upon request.


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