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TECHSPEC S-Mount Diode Mounts

  • S-Mount for Easy Integration
  • 薄型設計
  • 相容於常見雷射二極體或光電二極體
  • C-Mount Diode Mounts Also Available

S-Mount Diode Mounts are designed for easy integration into S-mount compatible systems. Diodes can be oriented in either direction to maximize access to leads or connections. S-Mount Diode Mounts feature low profile designs to minimize system length, and to decrease the distance between the diode and an attached S-mount lens mount.


S-Mount Photodiode Mounts
Stock No. Clear Aperture CA T1 T2 D1 d2
#63-967 4.86mm 9.9mm 6.9mm 8.0mm 10.0mm
#63-968 8.44mm 11.45mm 8.45mm 11.35mm 12.0mm

S-Mount Laser Diode Can Mounts
Stock No. Clear Aperture CA A B C D E
#63-965 4.7mm 8.8mm 5.8mm 5.55mm 5.6mm 1.5mm
#63-966 7.6mm 9.6mm 6.6mm 6.35mm 9.0mm 1.0mm


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