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Telecentric Lens Accessories | Edmund Optics
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Telecentric Lens Accessories

  • Mirror or Prism Option Permit Imaging at 90 Degrees from Normal
  • Easily Attaches to the Front of Most EO Telecentrics
  • Decreases System Length by Changing Path Direction
  • Available with Prism, Mirror, or Beamsplitter for a Variety of Applications

The Telecentric Accessories attach to the front of Edmund Optics’ Telecentric lenses to allow the camera to be mounted 90° from normal for inspections systems. By altering the angle, the camera and lens can be moved away from congested inspection areas, leaving room for other components. These accessories will change the working distances of the lenses they attach to. The prism will offer the longest working distance, and the mirror will offer the shortest working distance. The beamsplitter combines two separate paths, and the camera will image them superimposed together. The camera can then utilize the 2nd light path as a reference marker, for a triggering function, or measurement feature.

For use with our SilverTL™ Telecentric Lenses and GoldTL™ Telecentric Lenses.

Note: One adapter and one mirror, prism, or beamsplitter are required for each lens.

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