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愛特蒙特光學RKE 精密目鏡

愛特蒙特光學RKE 精密目鏡

  • 提供完整的參數數據
  • 具有很長的良視距(出瞳距離)
  • 具有45°的有效視野

RKE目鏡系列是我們最受青睞的設計之一。這些目鏡最初的生產目的是用於望遠鏡,但是隨著時間演進,已證明在許多工業與醫療應用中都很有用。In addition, to help customers take advantage of the powerful current optical design software, we are pleased to forward full prescription data for these eyepieces.

Prescription information available upon request. Please complete a Request for Prescription Form.

Unmounted RKE Eyepieces include the eye Lens, field Lens, and black anodized spacer between the 2 lenses. Unmounted configurations are designed to provide OEMs with the components required to integrate these eyepieces into customer-designed applications.


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