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10X Hastings Triplet, Mounted Magnifier

Edmund Optics® Hastings Triplets

Edmund Optics® Hastings Triplets

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Field of View (inches):
Focal Length FL (mm):
Diameter of Included Lens (inches):
Dimensions (inches):
0.75" H x 2.25" L
Working Distance (inches):

Regulatory Compliance

Not Compliant


  • Edmund Designed and Engineered
  • Offers Wide, Flat, Distortion-Free Field

Edmund Optics Hastings Triplets are the most popular high-power magnifiers available today because their unique three-element design provides the ultimate in distortion-free, color-correct viewing. The lenses in this series are computer-designed to interact with each other, contributing to the reduction or elimination of “pincushion” distortion and chromatic and spherical aberrations. The triple lens system is made up of two concave meniscus elements cemented to a double convex lens. Unlike many inferior “Hastings” on the market, our triplets are centered and edged, an expensive process, but one necessary to achieve maximum performance. Moreover, as is appropriate for such a superior optical system, ours are mounted with threaded retaining rings in a machined black anodized metal cell, which swing into a protective brass case. The case doubles as a handle for viewing. Edmund Optics Hastings Triplets are the favorite of printers and photo-engravers who must verify the critical positioning of halftone dots. They are also used worldwide by jewelers, gemologists, engravers, machinists and manufacturers.

We caution buyers that the laws of physics dictate that both the diameter and working distance of a magnifier must decline as power increases. Remember, the next step from the 20X Hastings is a full microscope. Conversely, the 7X provides the biggest, brightest field of view.

Unmounted Hastings Triplets

The same superior lens system used in our complete Edmund Optics Hastings Triplets are available in bulk for building into your own design or instrument. OEM applications include fiber optics, simulators, test instruments, and medical instruments. Quantity prices are available.

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