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5mm Liquid Light Guide

#88-436, Spectra X Light
#88-435, Sola SE Light Engine
#33-904, SOLA SE II Light Engine

#88-436, Spectra X Light

#88-435, Sola SE Light Engine

#33-904, SOLA SE II Light Engine

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  • Powerful Solid State Sources With Zero Warm Up or Cool Down Periods
  • SOLA Light Engines Produce Continuous White Light from 380 – 680nm
  • Spectra X Light Engines Offer Ultrafast Switching of Six Independent Color Bands

Lumencor® Light Engines are bright, mercury-free, solid state alternatives to traditional mercury-containing arc lamps. Lumencor® Light Engines feature low cost of ownership due to their expected lifetimes of over 20,000 hours, high energy efficiency, and lack of need to replace bulbs or light guides. The SOLA light engines are ideal for a wide variety of life sciences applications, including fluorescence microscopy. The SOLA SM II is operated manually via an on/off switch or foot pedal, while the SOLA SE can be controlled electronically using standard microscopy software. The Spectra X includes six individually selectable sources to cover a wide spectral range for any application that requires powerful, versatile, stable, efficient, and reliable illumination.

Note: The Spectra X includes seven bandpass filters, one for each color source plus an extra; additional filter paddles and filters are sold separately. Light engines come equipped with a 3mm diameter port for a liquid light guide. Use Converter #88-441 to adapt to 5mm light guides.

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