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Your Partner in Imaging Optics - Illumination


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LED Illumination

LED Illumination

Range of illumination styles such as backlights, spot lights, ring lights, or line lights that use LED arrays to produce intense, even illumination over an object.

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Fiber Optic Illumination

Fiber Optic Illumination

Consists of fiber optic illuminators integrated with one or more light guides that direct intense, cool illumination towards a specific application.

Fluorescent Illumination


Used to provide illumination to a number of optical or imaging applications such as spectroscopy or inspection.

Specialty Illumination & Accessories

Specialty Illumination and Accessories

Unique illumination sources for telecentric illumination, pattern projection, and others.

Lasers Diode Modules

Lasers Diode Modules

Laser Diode Modules are used in a variety of applications that require small sizes in addition to low power consumption with long operating lifetimes.

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LED, fiber optic, or fluorescent illumination technologies in UV, visible, white light, or IR wavelengths.





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