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Your Partner in Imaging Optics - Microscopy


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Infinity Corrected Objectives

Infinity Corrected Objectives

Ideal for imaging or laser focusing applications and focus at infinity.

Finite Conjugate Objectives

Finite Conjugate Objectives

Used in a variety of simple microscopy setups or for OEM integration and do not require a secondary lens to focus.

Reflective Objectives

Reflective Objectives

Used in microscopy applications that require chromatic correction over broad spectral ranges.

Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

Standard, inverted, and system options available from a range of leading brand names including Mitutoyo and Olympus.


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In addition to stereo microscopes, check out our selection of infinity corrected, finite conjugate, or reflective objectives, eyepieces, or optical filters for microscopy setups.





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