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Center Drive 2.62" Square Linear Translation Stages

2.62” Center drive stage and its X-Y configuration

2.62” Center drive stage and its X-Y configuration

Precision stage with a preloaded ball bearing design that provides straight line accuracy of 0.00008"/inch models are 1" high with a 2.62" sq. mounting surface. Features include English or metric drive mechanisms and fine screw, 0.50" or 1.0" travels, and repeatability of 0.00005". They are available with or without a 1.00" dia. clearance thru-hole (thru-hole models have a slotted base to provide clearance). They are compatible with rotary tables, mounts and other positioning devices having 2.00" mounting hole centers.

Note: Adapter Plates and Z-Axis Brackets are available for ball bearing stages and slides.


A B C Stock No.
5.12" 2.5" 0.88" #37-978
5.25" 2.62" 0.93" #37-976
6.9" 4.28" 1.18" #37-979


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