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Laser Lenses | 雷射透鏡

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平凸 (PCX) 雷射應用透鏡 平凸 (PCX) 雷射應用透鏡
  • 針對與雷射源配合使用而最佳化的透鏡,具有更高精度的基材和 V 型雷射光抗反射鍍膜
非球面雷射應用透鏡 非球面雷射應用透鏡
  • 經過優化的透鏡減少球面像差並具高雷射損傷閾值 (LDT)與抗反射鍍膜
柱面雷射應用透鏡 柱面雷射應用透鏡
  • 專為雷射光束一維整形而設計的透鏡,可校正不對稱光束、生成條形光束等
TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses 雷射聚焦組件
  • 針對同時減少各種雷射波長的球面像差而優化的透鏡組件
特種雷射透鏡 特種雷射透鏡
  • 專用透鏡,包括快軸準直器 (FAC)、慢軸準直器 (SAC)、鮑威爾​​透鏡、微透鏡陣列等

Laser Optics

Laser Lenses are used to focus collimated light from laser beams in a variety of laser applications. Laser Lenses include a range of lens types including PCX Lenses, Aspheric Lenses, Cylinder Lenses, or Laser Generator Lenses. Laser Lenses are designed to focus light in several different ways depending on the lens type, such as focusing down to a point, a line, or a ring. Many different lens types are available in a range of wavelengths.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Laser Lenses suited for a variety of laser focusing needs. Laser Line Coated PCX Lenses are designed for many popular laser wavelengths. Laser Line Coated PCX Lenses possess exceptional transmission of specified wavelengths. Cylinder Lenses focus laser beams into a line image rather than a point. High Performance Cylinder Lenses are also available for applications requiring more precise transmission rates. Additional Laser Lenses, such as PCX Axicons, are also available.

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