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Amplifiers are used to amplify the energy output of photodetectors as well as convert their electrical signal for a number of illumination measurement or spectroscopy applications. Amplifiers are digital systems that amplify the low electrical current transmitted by photodetectors to easily detectable levels. Amplifiers also convert photodetectors’ electrical current into voltage so that their signal may be read by other digital devices. Amplifiers are indispensable for nearly any light measurement applications by greatly increasing the usability of a detector system.

  • 具有可變增益
  • 採用高速、低雜訊設計
  • USB 控制版本
  • 透過模數(R)計算執行雙相位作業
  • 採用差動輸入或單端輸入
  • 增益設定範圍是3μV至1V
  • High Performance Wide Bandwidth Input Gain Stage
  • 針對X、Y或R輸出訊號的顯示採用類比儀錶
  • Separate X, Y and R Output BNCs
  • 採用X與Y偏移控制
  • 輸出時間保持恆定(從100μs至30s)
  • 1F and 2F Reference Signal Operation
  • 具有90°步進與精細相位控制
  • 可用作光學功率計
  • 分辨率為1/20,000
  • 滿刻度輸入範圍是±20nA至±20mA


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