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Edmund Optics Zoom Inspection Microscope Heads Edmund Optics Zoom Inspection Microscope Heads
  • Continuous 4:1 Zoom Range
  • Magnifications as High as 200X
  • Video Capable
  • Fixed Working Distance
超緊湊的機器視覺解決方案 超緊湊的機器視覺解決方案
  • 套件包括相機、成像鏡頭、光源和配件
  • 高解析度和卓越的圖像品質
  • 非常適合 OCR 和亞光物體檢測應用

Imaging Systems are used for observation or image capture in a variety of applications including inspection or machine vision. Imaging Systems typically consist of a camera, imaging lens, along with an illumination source. Depending on the system setup, Imaging Systems can allow observed objects to be magnified or enhanced to ease the viewing or inspection of small or unclear objects. Imaging Systems can be self-contained units or modular component assemblies to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Imaging Systems suited for many imaging needs including video microscopy or unit inspection. Many of these systems minimize the need to purchase a large number of individual components. Some Imaging Systems are component based for adapting to different applications. Many Imaging Systems can be adjusted by using different optical components to adjust features or imaging qualities. Imaging Systems allow extremely small or fast moving objects to be easily viewed.

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