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Distortion Test Targets

Distortion Test Targets are used to measure the level of image distortion within an imaging system for a wide variety of imaging applications. Distortion Test Targets are optical tools that are inserted into an imaging or optical system for measurement, analysis, or calibration. Distortion Test Targets are viewed through an imaging lens in order to identify the distortion error inherent within the lens. Distortion Test Targets feature a selection of precise shapes, lines, or dots that an imaging system focuses on to determine the accuracy of a system.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Distortion Test Targets in a variety of patterns that are suited for many image measurement needs. Distortion Test Targets offer the benefit of increased functionality as well as longer lifespan by allowing imaging systems to be repeatedly measured for continued accuracy over multiple uses. Many Distortion Test Targets are available on opal or chrome for different compatibility needs.

  • 用於校準測量軟體
  • 經過NIST認證帶可追蹤精度憑證
  • 1 - 50mm方形

  • 在尺寸穩定的玻璃基材採用鍍鉻圖案
  • 最適合成像系統的反射性照明校準
  • 提供自 20mm 起的各種尺寸,適用於小或大視場

  • 漫反射處理模仿陶瓷測試板
  • 基片上鍍鉻膜
  • 軸上照明或軸外照明皆無眩光
  • 非常適合前置照明測量

  • New Sizes Available
  • For Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

  • 測試與校正視覺系統的畸變
  • 校準顯微鏡載物臺的透視誤差
  • 測量物理視場

  • 用於校準成像系統
  • Varying Spatial Frequency for Different Fields of View
  • 經過NIST認證精度憑證



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