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Reflective Objectives

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Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives
  • Units Adjustable for Precision Alignment
  • Various Coating Options Available for Specific Wavelength Ranges
  • Finite Conjugate Design and RMS Threading Integrate Easily in Many Objective Setups
高效能reflx™物鏡 高效能reflx™物鏡
  • 繞射極限效能:λ/14 RMS 穿透波前
  • 採用錐形設計,在入射角為45°時可取得更大的間隙
  • 採用曲線型十字軸支架,以降低繞射影響
  • 亦提供 reflx™反射物镜 物鏡
reflx™ 物鏡 reflx™ 物鏡
  • 領先業界的 19 至 31mm 工作距離
  • 由愛特蒙特光學設計及製造,適用於聚焦或成像應用
  • 主動對準以實現最佳效能
  • 190nm 至 11μm 的超寬光譜帶,無色像差
  • 亦提供 高效能reflx™物鏡

Reflective Objectives are used in microscopy applications that require chromatic correction over broad spectral ranges. Reflective Objectives are microscope objectives that use two mirrors to form an image or focus a laser in a variety of imaging or laser applications. Reflective Objectives are high magnification solutions to applications in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. Reflective Objectives can also be coated for additional performance over a specific wavelength range or laser line.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Reflective Objectives. Edmund Optics’ ReflX Objectives are available for a range of imaging or focusing applications. TECHSPEC ReflX™ Objectives are available in infinity-corrected or finite-conjugate designs. Typically, finite-conjugate objectives are used in imaging applications, while infinity-corrected objects are used in laser focusing. Additionally, TECHSPEC ReflX™ Objectives are coated for performance in the deep ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. TECHSPEC Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives allow the centration of the internal mirrors to be adjusted, extended their operating life. TECHSPEC High Performance ReflX™ Objectives feature a tapered mechanical design, with a λ/4 peak-to-valley transmitted wavefront.

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