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Motorized Translation Stages | 電動移動平臺

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Motorized Translation Stages provide precision motion control for a range of optical system applications. Processes can be automated through computer programing or controlled through user specified commands. Motorized Translation Stages are ideal for system automation in industrial or scientific applications.

Edmund Optics offers Motorized Translations Stages suited for a range of applications requirements. Both stepping motor and piezo drive systems are available, offering different levels of precision and travel to suit different application demands, such as long travel or sub-micron motorized translation. Also available are low out-gassing vacuum compatible motorized stages for use in vacuum chambers and with other vacuum-grade components. Certain Motorized Translation Stages can be linked together for multi-axis motion control and increased versatility, while some also offer compatibility with certain Manual Translation Stages for adjustment capability of an axis where a motorized stage is not necessary.

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