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Alignment and Testing Accessories

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Donder Zoom Module Donder Zoom Module
  • Easily Build A Zoom Lens to Fit Your Specific Application
  • Choose the Working Distance and Field of View to Meet Your Needs
愛特蒙特光學®準直儀 愛特蒙特光學®準直儀
Top Seller
  • 5 Arcmin Resolution
  • Economical Design
  • ¼-20 Tap Hole for Mounting to Optical Bench Posts
愛特蒙特光學RKE 精密目鏡 愛特蒙特光學RKE 精密目鏡
Top Seller
  • 提供完整的參數數據
  • 具有很長的良視距(出瞳距離)
  • 具有45°的有效視野
目鏡元件組件 目鏡元件組件
  • 適合 OEM 及系統整合
  • 作為目鏡或放大鏡
  • 供應各種放大倍率
高效能微顯示目鏡 高效能微顯示目鏡
  • 緊湊型COTS組件
  • 與最大24.59mm的對角線微顯示器 (SXGA) 相容
  • 提供未封裝的元件組
  • Compatible with Large Rubber Eyeguard, #60-099
消色差鏡頭 消色差鏡頭
  • 15mm 及 30mm 直徑選項
  • 抗反射鍍膜透鏡
  • 供應消色差透鏡組套件
封裝版近紅外消色差透鏡對 封裝版近紅外消色差透鏡對
  • 30mm 直徑套件,專為 NIR 應用所設計
  • 已針對多種放大倍率進行最佳化
  • 非常適合整合到OEM應用中
  • NIR II 鍍膜,適用於 750-1550nm
中繼轉接鏡頭 中繼轉接鏡頭
  • 已針對1:1成像進行最佳化
  • 提供f/4與f/8版本
橡膠護眼罩 橡膠護眼罩
  • 含天然橡膠乳膠

Alignment and Testing Accessories are used to provide a range of features such as image enlargement, glare reduction, focusing capability, or precision deflection measurement for easing laser system alignment. Alignment and Testing Accessories includes a range of optical components designed to offer a particular benefit to laser system or laser system alignment functionality. Alignment and Testing Accessories may be chosen depending on the particular application's needs, providing a wide selection of benefits to a vast range of laser system requirements.

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