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Specialty Prisms

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45° Rod Mirrors 45° 柱狀反射鏡
  • 提供鍍膜與未鍍膜的版本
  • 鍍膜版本可反射光線 90°
  • 未鍍膜版本可折彎影像路徑
模壓複合拋物面聚光器 (CPCs) 模壓複合拋物面聚光器 (CPCs) New
  • 聚光型太陽能的理想選擇
  • 2.5 和 5mm 出光口徑
  • 45度接受角
變形稜鏡組 變形稜鏡組
  • 可將橢圓形光束轉化為圓形
  • 針對常用二極體波長採用抗反射鍍膜
  • 提供已封裝與未封裝的版本
錐狀反射鏡 錐狀反射鏡
  • 360° 應用的理想選擇
  • ±6 角分頂角容差
  • 受保護的鋁鍍膜
熔融石英楔形稜鏡 熔融石英楔形稜鏡
  • 可讓雷射光束路徑偏離 0.5° - 5.0°
  • 適用於紫外線至近紅外線的光束轉向應用 (250 至 1064nm)
  • Nd:YAG 版本保證雷射損傷閾值
菱形稜鏡 菱形稜鏡
  • 光束發生橫向位移
  • 光軸發生位移,但不反轉影像
  • 輸入與輸出光束平行於±30角秒
  • Beam Displacing Dove Prisms Also Available
Rod透鏡 Rod透鏡
  • 將平行光聚焦為直線
  • 提供小至1mm的直徑
N-BK7 楔形稜鏡 N-BK7 楔形稜鏡
  • 非常適用於光束轉向
  • 提供0.5°- 15°的光束轉折選項
  • 提供無鍍膜或抗反射鍍膜
  • 也供應變形稜鏡對

Specialty Prisms are Prisms that are unique in shape or purpose. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Specialty Prisms to choose from, including Rod Optical Lenses, Cone Optical Mirrors, Anamorphic Prism Pairs, Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs), Rhomboid Prisms, or Wedge Prisms. Specialty Prisms may not be designed for typical Prism applications such as ray deviation or image translation.

Cone Optical Mirrors are ideal for applications requiring 360° of illumination. When light strikes the peak of the cone, it is circularly reflected around the Cone Optical Mirror. Anamorphic Prism Pairs are ideal for expanding laser beams in single dimensions, such as turning a laser diode’s elliptical beam into a circular one. Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs) are used to collect light from distant sources. The collected light is then concentrated towards the more narrow portion of the CPC utilizing total internal reflection. Rhomboid Prisms are ideal for imaging applications where the optical axis may need to be displaced without inverting the image. Wedge Prisms utilize refraction instead of reflection to deviate a laser beam.

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