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Image Analysis & Stage Micrometers

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DOF 5-15景深測試板 DOF 5-15景深測試板
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  • 測試成像系統中的景深
  • 無需計算
圓點與方形校準測試板 圓點與方形校準測試板
  • 專為測量校準而設
  • 正片和負片玻璃鍍鉻圖案
  • 高對比度測試板,用於成像 0.5 至 10mm 的元件
  • 隨附 NIST 可追蹤憑證
雙軸線性尺規鏡臺測微尺 雙軸線性尺規鏡臺測微尺
  • 雙軸設計
  • 英制和公制型號
  • 備有NIST認證的型號
愛特蒙特光學機器視覺鏡臺測微尺 愛特蒙特光學機器視覺鏡臺測微尺
  • 經過NIST認證帶可追蹤精度憑證
  • 特別適合視覺系統的快速校準
  • 隨附耐用儲存盒
愛特蒙特遠心度測試板 愛特蒙特遠心度測試板
  • Critical Tool for Measurement Vision Systems
  • 校準任何類型的鏡頭
  • 提供大範圍的放大倍數
Image Analysis Micrometers 圖像分析測微尺
  • 專為測量校準而設
Kodak成像圖卡 Kodak成像圖卡
  • 超過18種測試圖案
  • 採用8 ½" x 11" 薄膜
微線與圓點標準鏡臺測微尺 微線與圓點標準鏡臺測微尺
  • New Opal Version Available
  • 可校準像素抖動
  • 線條和圓點範圍從2μm 到100μm
低放大倍率系統適用的多功能校準測試板 低放大倍率系統適用的多功能校準測試板
  • 可在0.08至4倍範圍內對系統進行校準
  • 可量測調制轉換函數、景深、分辨率、視場與畸變
  • 包括N.I.S.T.準確度憑證
多功能高放大倍率校準測試板 多功能高放大倍率校準測試板
  • 專為量測校準而設計;非常適用於顯微鏡與機器視覺系統
  • Includes Ronchi Rulings, Concentric Circles, Square Grids, and a Linear Microscale
  • 提供兩個測試板,以取得不同的放大倍率
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included
多柵標準鏡臺測微尺 多柵標準鏡臺測微尺
  • 可校準高放大倍數系統的畸變
象牙白玻璃分劃板測試板 象牙白玻璃分劃板測試板
  • Crossline, Index Grid, or Concenctric Circle Reticles
  • White Ivory Soda Lime Glass Substrates
  • 27mm Diameter Reticles
帶數位測微尺的定位調整臺 帶數位測微尺的定位調整臺
  • 0.001mm Resolution Directly Readable Micrometer
  • Readout in Inches or Millimeters
  • Available with English or Metric Mounting Holes
Reticle Calibration Stage Micrometer Reticle Calibration Stage Micrometer
  • Features a Series of "H" Shaped Fiducial Images
  • Image Sizes from 0.1 to 20mm
  • Available with NIST Traceable Data
Stage Micrometers Stage Micrometers
  • Reticle Scales Centered on Microscope Slides
  • Designed for Routine Calibration
  • 1 x 3" Slide Sizes

Image Analysis & Stage Micrometers Test Targets are used to evaluate or calibrate an image system's performance by measuring image quality standards such as resolution, contrast, or depth of field. Image Analysis & Stage Micrometers Test Targets detail a range of shapes or patterns that measure the accuracy of an imaging system by viewing them with an imaging lens. Image Analysis & Stage Micrometers Test Targets effectively determine the capabilities of an imaging system, allowing for accurate certification of performance as well as for establishing baseline standards for multiple systems working together.

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