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Echelle Reflective Gratings

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Richardson Gratings™ 階梯反射繞射光柵 Richardson Gratings™ 階梯反射繞射光柵
  • 最高的分辨能力及色散
  • 低溝槽密度適用於更高階
  • 溝槽間距容差 <0.05%
  • Custom Sizes Available


  What are diffraction gratings?
A diffraction grating separates polychromatic (or multiple wavelengths) light into its component wavelengths by diffraction. Diffraction is a process in which light incident to a surface with dimensions similar in size to its wavelength is dispersed at certain angles. These diffraction angles are dependent upon the wavelength of light. Thus, polychromatic light will have a separate diffraction angle for each individual wavelength. This difference in diffraction angle is what separates light into its component wavelengths.
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