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Retroreflection Prisms

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17547 未封裝的屋脊型中空回射器
  • 是在同一軸上重新引導光線的理想選擇
  • 中空設計最大限度地減少了散射
  • 可取代光學組件中的實心屋脊稜鏡或普羅稜鏡
90° 專業反射鏡 90° 專業反射鏡
  • 將輸入影像分到相距180°的兩條光路中
  • 提供多種尺寸與廣波段鍍膜
  • 提供額外的直角棱鏡選項
中空回射器 中空回射器
  • 入射光反射回光源
  • 中空輕量級設計
  • 無材料吸收,無色像差
封裝版n-bk7角錐稜鏡回射器 封裝版n-bk7角錐稜鏡回射器
  • 入射光反射回光源
  • 適用於一般測量及對齊
  • 具有1¼-20螺紋孔,易於固定
  • 亦提供非轉接版本
N-BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors n-bk7角錐稜鏡回射器
  • 入射光反射回光源
  • 低至3弧秒的光束偏差
  • 適用於一般測量及對齊
  • 亦提供轉接版本
紫外線熔融石英角錐稜鏡回射器 紫外線熔融石英角錐稜鏡回射器
複製型中空金屬回射器 複製型中空金屬回射器
  • 整體鋁材結構

  • 回射光束精度不受振動影響

  • 採用裸金鍍膜以實現在紅外範圍的高反射率

  • 可提供低輪廓版本

Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors
  • ¼-20 Tapped Holes for Easy Mounting
  • Excellent Transmission in the UV
  • Useful for Surveying and Alignment
  • Also Available Unmounted
Broadband Dielectric 90° Specialty Mirrors 寬頻電介質鍍膜90°專用反射鏡

Retroreflection Prisms are used in applications where precision alignment is difficult or tedious. Retroflection Prisms reflect incident light back to the light source no matter the orientation of the Retroreflection Prism. Unlike an Optical Mirror, which needs to be at the normal angle of incidence in order to reflect light back to the source, a Retroreflection Prism can be oriented in any position so long as the light is hitting the entrance face. A Retroreflection Prism utilizes several total internal reflections to enable it to operate at even the most extreme angles of incidence.

Edmund Optics’ offers mounted and unmounted Retroreflection Prisms in a range coating options. Reflective surfaces are available with reflection coatings including Aluminum or Silver. Entrance surfaces are available with VIS 0° anti-reflection coatings. Due to their complex shape, mounting a Retroflection Prism can be difficult. To ease system integration, Mounted Retroreflection Prisms featuring ¼-20 tapped holes are available.

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