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Laser Safety | 雷射機械

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Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles | 查看所有

雷射安全護目鏡 雷射安全護目鏡
  • 通過 CE 認證的雷射輻射防護
  • 專為紫外線、可見光和紅外線雷射所設計
  • 提供護目鏡、眼鏡或舒適型眼鏡等款式
雷射對位眼鏡 雷射對位眼鏡
  • 在雷射對位應用上增加個別波長的可見性
  • CE認證內雷射防護
  • 提供 Fit Over Rx 眼鏡和可調整環繞款式

Laser Protection | 查看所有

Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Traps and Blocks Acktar 黑化雷射光束光鉗及塊規
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  • 經鍍膜處理可高度吸收雷射光
  • 管狀光束光鉗或扁平光束阻隔設計
  • M6 螺紋孔,便於桿式安裝
雷射對準光束塊規 雷射對準光束塊規
  • 用於快速雷射對準的刻線網格測試板
  • 漫射黑色陽極電鍍鋁表面
  • 容易固定在光學平臺的磁性底座
  • 設有存放通用扳手或其他工具的溝槽
公制光束收集器 公制光束收集器
  • Absorbs Unwanted or Unused Laser Beams
  • 10mm Entrance Aperture

Laser Safety products allow photonics applications to be carried out safely and in compliance with governmental standards. Laser Safety encompasses products such as laser viewing windows, laser safety glasses and goggles, and warning signs designed to minimize danger to individuals or equipment.

Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of laser safety products including personal safety equipment and lab safety components. Laser Safety Eyewear provides CE certified laser radiation protection at wavelengths of common industrial lasers, including Nd:YAG and CO2, with various style and frame options for user comfort. Acrylic Laser Windows, also referred to as Laser Viewing Windows, provide high visible light transmission and high optical densities at specified design wavelengths, allowing for the safe observance of lasers applications. Lab laser safety components, including laser warning signs and beam traps, are also available.

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