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10 Micro Screwdrivers 10 Micro Screwdrivers
  • 10 Piece Set of Micro Screwdrivers
  • Six Fixed Blades and Four Phillips Heads
Veluminum™ 板 New
Veluminum™ 板
  • 經工程設計的陽極電鍍鋁表面,可減少反射
  • 可高度吸收可見光
  • 25.4mm 直徑適合整合至工作台系統
Acktar 吸光板 New
Acktar 吸光板
  • 可固定的 Acktar Spectral Black™、Metal Velvet™ 及 Hexa-Black™ 技術
  • 紫外線至中波紅外線及紫外線至長波紅外線的高效能
  • 半球形反射率低
Acktar 吸光箔片及薄膜 Acktar 吸光箔片及薄膜
  • 擴散或鏡面反射率
  • 適用範圍涵蓋從紫外線至紅外線的極廣波段
  • 標準,低釋氣,無粘合劑選擇選項
Acktar 吸光箔片及薄膜卷 New
Acktar 吸光箔片及薄膜卷
  • 25m 大卷尺寸適合量產應用
  • MaxiBlack™、Metal Velvet™ 或 Spectral Black™ 鍍膜
  • 標準、低除氣或非黏接選項
  • 也供應較小的片狀尺寸
Allen Wrenches Allen Wrenches
  • English and Metric
圓球六角螺絲起子組 圓球六角螺絲起子組
  • 提供英制與公制螺絲起子組
  • 最高能以 25° 角進入扣件
  • 適合搭配使用 TECHSPEC® 籠式系統
EO 實驗室元件儲存套件 EO 實驗室元件儲存套件
  • 24 個獨立抽屜
  • 便於存放實驗室用品
  • 持久耐用的盒箱,附分類標籤
ESD Static Control Products ESD Static Control Products
  • Cleanroom Compatible Elastic Adjustable Wrist Straps
  • Statfree® Premium Type T2 Worksurface Mats
吸光遮光材料 吸光遮光材料
  • 用於光捕捉、光阻隔、光阻隔
Mitutoyo 量規 Mitutoyo 量規
  • 精密 Mitutoyo 測微尺
  • 高測量分辨率
  • 以 0.0005 吋 (0.01mm) 為增量單位測量 0 至 6 吋(0 至 150mm)
光學實驗台硬體 光學實驗台硬體
  • Variety of Standard ¼-20 Hardware
  • Delrin Washers, Phillip Screws, Set Screws, Thumb Screws, SHCS, and More
  • #55-192 1/8" Hex Size Allen Wrench used with ¼-20 Socket Head Set Screws
光學清潔刷 光學清潔刷
  • 適用於光學件的清潔
  • 快速去除灰塵和絨毛
  • 非常適用於溶劑可能會造成損壞的場合
Shock Absorbing Sorbothane® Shock Absorbing Sorbothane®
  • Easily Cut to Size
  • Ideal for Use in Labs and Assembly Shops
Socket Head Cap Screw Kits Socket Head Cap Screw Kits
  • English and Metric Kits Available
  • Comes with Storage Case
  • Comes with Most Popular Sizes and Lengths
Socket Head Cap Screws Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Head Set Screw Kits Socket Head Set Screw Kits
  • English and Metric Kits Available
  • Includes Most Frequently Requested Socket Head Set Screws
Socket Head Set Screws Socket Head Set Screws
活動扳手 活動扳手
  • 可調式活動扳手
  • 4.5 吋最大直徑
  • 直葉片及圓點尖端
Surface Roughness Standard Surface Roughness Standard
  • Conforms to S.A.E. and Military Specifications
  • Manufactured to ANSI-B-46.1-1985
  • A Composite Set of 30 Standards
  • 不鏽鋼螺紋轉接器
  • 可與立桿轉接器螺柱互換
  • 可用於立桿的頂部或底部
Toolkits Toolkits
  • 6 Piece Tweezers or Pliers Toolkits
  • 7 Piece Screwdriver Toolkit
紫外線護目鏡 紫外線護目鏡
  • 高可見光穿透率
  • 可在 254 至 365nm 範圍提供保護
  • 提供護目鏡或眼鏡設計

General Tools are used to measure or test the accuracy of components in optical systems for a wide range of applications. General Tools consist of instruments such as screwdrivers, spanner wrenches, angle blocks, or thread gauges designed to inspect the functionality of optical systems. A wide range of General Tools are available for a number of measurement needs.

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