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Optical Cleaning Kits

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基本與外加光學元件清潔套件組 基本與外加光學元件清潔套件組
  • 預先搭配的便利組合
  • 隨附儲存盒
CO<sub>2</sub> Optics Cleaning Kit (#14-593) CO2 雷射光學元件清潔套件組 New
  • 適合硒化鋅 (ZnSe) 光學元件的清潔及操作用品
  • 隨附儲存盒及紅外線光學元件清潔說明
  • 供應補充套件組及額外鏡頭拋光液

Optical Cleaning Kits are used to clean or handle optical systems or optical components. Optical Cleaning Kits contain a collection of products designed for cleaning optical systems, such as cleaning fluid, tweezers, gloves, or lens tissue in a portable package. Optical Cleaning Kits are cost sensitive, single purchase solutions to purchasing a set of the essential optical cleaning components. Additionally, Optical Cleaning Kits are packaged in an easy-to-carry storage case for portable use, and safe storage.

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