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Microscopy Cameras

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Pixelink® M 系列顯微鏡相機 Pixelink® M 系列顯微鏡相機
  • 最高 2000 萬像素的高分辨率傳感器
  • 隨附 Pixelink® 擷取軟體
  • 精巧外型
  • 可選購分為三層級的 μScope 顯微鏡軟體
Basler PowerPack顯微鏡相機 Basler PowerPack顯微鏡相機
  • 高性能攝像頭,擁有頂尖的CMOS傳感器
  • 包含圖像採集與分析專業軟體
  • 獨特的高級圖像增強和色彩調整科技
  • 各種隨插隨用顯微鏡配件組可用
Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY8 顯微鏡相機 Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY8 顯微鏡相機
  • 出眾的弱光感光度
  • 是生命科學、臨床及工業應用的理想選擇
  • 含顯微鏡軟體且價格優惠
Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY 顯微鏡相機 Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY 顯微鏡相機
  • 非常適用於生命科學、臨床與工業應用
  • USB 或 HDMI 視頻輸出選項
  • 包括功能強大的拍攝與分析軟體
  • 具有PC與Mac相容性

Microscopy Cameras are used to capture images or video, or to display video on a monitor in a variety of microscopy applications. Microscopy Cameras are well-suited to microscopy imaging applications, including brightfield and fluorescence imaging.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Microscopy Cameras in a range of interfaces including GigE, USB, or FireWire. Microscope Cameras designed to fit atop of microscopes are available to simplify integration into microscopy setups. USB Digital Microscopes with high resolution and multiple magnification options are ideal for industrial or lab applications, offering the flexibility of adjustable illumination and live imaging through connection to a computer. NIR Cameras are also available for applications in the near-infrared.

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