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Interferometry Windows

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單面光學平面反射鏡 單面光學平面反射鏡
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  • 直徑尺寸從1/2"到12"
  • 每個直徑75mm及以上的λ/20平面反射鏡都帶有校准證書
  • 具有標準金屬反射鏡鍍膜:λ/10反射鏡及λ/20反射鏡
球面像差補償平板 球面像差補償平板
  • 精密的N-BK7基材
  • 已針對用於具有小視場的平行光執行最佳化
  • 穿透波前精度可達λ/16
雙面光學平面反射鏡 雙面光學平面反射鏡
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  • 提供λ/10 與 λ/20 的表面平整度選項
  • 每個 λ/20 尺寸76.2mm及以上的平面反射鏡均附有校準證書
  • 延長接觸測量應用的使用壽命
  • 可選用單面光學平面反射鏡

Interferometry Windows are used to measure the flatness of optical surfaces or certain optical components to ensure accuracy for a wide range of quality assurance or inspection applications. Interferometry Windows are optical surfaces that have been polished to an extremely precise level of flatness which are used as reference plates. Interferometry Windows are laid atop inspected surfaces at a specific angle while a laser beam is directed between them so that interference bands may be measured to determine flatness levels. Dual or single surface Interferometry Windows are both available.

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