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Spectroscopy | 光譜儀

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Compact Irradiance Calibrated Spectrometers Compact Irradiance Calibrated Spectrometers New
  • Compact 32 x 32 x 21.3mm Form Factor
  • Spectral Range of 450 - 850nm with <1.5% Spectral Resolution
  • USB Connection for Power and GUI Control
Optopolymer® 漫反射薄膜 Optopolymer® 漫反射薄膜
  • 光學聚四氟乙烯(PTFE)材料製作,具有朗伯反射
  • 250nm - 2500nm範圍內有高反射率
  • 擁有極高的紫外線穩定性和耐化學腐蝕性
預混合白色反射鍍膜 預混合白色反射鍍膜
  • 反射率大於97%
  • 可用於紫外線至近紅外的範圍
  • 適合塗佈在金屬及多種其他材料上
OCT 成像系統 OCT 成像系統
  • 經濟實惠的光學斷層掃描成像系統
  • 適合用於生物樣本成像、樣本特性化及 OCT 教育
  • 外型精巧的台式裝置
廣波段光纖耦合光源 廣波段光纖耦合光源
  • 適合與分光儀結合使用
  • 可用於紫外到近紅外光譜範圍的燈
  • 氙氣燈、鎢絲燈或氘燈光源
#56-078 - Set of 4 Reflectance Standards (99%, 75%, 50%, and 2%) Spectralon® 白色、灰階及彩色漫射反射標準板
  • 適用於光譜儀、比色法、放射測定和機器視覺應用
  • 漫射反射不受視角影響
  • 耐用、穩定且可洗
  • 供應含 NIST 可追蹤校準憑證及資料的序列化版本
Educational Spectroscope Educational Spectroscope
  • Measure Wavelengths of Various Light Sources
  • Detect Elements by Flame Emmission
  • Ideal for Educational Classroom Use
通用積分球系統 通用積分球系統
  • 非常適用於量測光源
  • 可進行升級以校準傳感器及測試透鏡
  • 專為簡易系統整合而設計
實驗室用分光儀 實驗室用分光儀
  • 頗具成本效益,波長範圍從380到750nm
  • 輕量級、緊湊型設計
  • 隨附USB纜線及軟體
  • Spectrometer Accessories Also Available
手動Mini-Chrom單色儀 手動Mini-Chrom單色儀
  • 提供6種波長範圍選擇
  • 緊湊的便攜尺寸
  • 提供2個近紅外版本

Spectrometers are used to measure the properties of light for a variety of spectrometry applications including environmental or chemical analysis, fluorescence, or Raman. Spectrometers are optical instruments that incorporate detectors to detect spectral lines and measure their wavelength or intensity. Spectrometers are ideal for determining compositional makeup for detecting weak light signals. Spectrometers can also be used to test the efficiency of an optical filter in order to determine whether a filter has properly blocked or transmitted specific wavelengths.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Spectrometers, including Spectrometers that have been optimized for Raman or fluorescence spectroscopy. Raman Spectrometers are ideal for Raman applications in the visible to the near infrared. The Fluorescence Spectrometers are ideal for use in low light fluorescence applications where the ability to detect weak signals is crucial for proper measurement. Additionally, fluorescence Spectrometers feature broadband spectral response ranges for detecting wide wavelength bands along with a wide slit width for increased throughput.

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