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Linear Positioning Stages | 線性位移調整臺

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公制實驗室用升降臺 公制實驗室用升降臺
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  • 堅固的黑色陽極電鍍鋁結構
  • 細導螺桿結構,用於精確調整
  • 黑色陽極電鍍鋁
  • 大型調整旋鈕提供最高的控制能力
  • 鎖定旋鈕可固定垂直定位
公制Z軸工作台 公制Z軸工作台
  • 測微尺精細移動
  • 提供四種大小
  • 採用黑色陽極電鍍鋁
  • 具有鎖定旋鈕
顯微鏡物鏡奈米定位系統 顯微鏡物鏡奈米定位系統
  • 運動範圍是100μm
  • 實現1.5nm的高分辨率定位
  • 採用可互換的快速安裝轉接器
縱向位移調整臺 縱向位移調整臺
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC®組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、指定或製造。進一步瞭解
Zaber™ High Precision Motorized Stage Systems Zaber™ 高精密電動載片台系統
  • 高精度,25mm、50mm、100mm和200mm行程選項
  • 電機和控制器集成
  • 提供整合每轉200計數(CPR)配有編碼器馬達
  • 輕鬆配置為 X-Y 和 X-Y-Z 組態
150mm Travel, Motorized Linear Stage, #15-289	Zaber™長行程電動載台
  • 高速移動 提供 75mm、150mm、300mm、450mm 和 600mm 行程選項
  • 可以手動控制或透過RS-232序列埠控制
  • 可提供整合式、500次/轉(CPR)帶馬達編碼器
  • X-Y-Z 設定不需要轉接器
130mm x 100mm Travel, Linear Motor XY Microscope Stage, Integrated Controller, Linear Encoder Zaber™ Linear Motor XY Microscope Motorized Stages New
  • Ultra-Quiet Linear Motors
  • 130 x 100mm or 250 x 100mm Travel Options Available
  • 1nm Resolution Linear Encoders provide Excellent Accuracy, Repeatability, and Speed
  • Compatible with μManager Open-Source Microscopy Software

Linear Positioning Stages are used to move or adjust the positioning of optical components in optical systems. Linear Positioning Stages use a number of different manual or motorized controls to provide movement along the X, Y, or Z axes. Linear Positioning Stages provide stable movement of optical components for easy alignment in optical systems. Linear Positioning Stages are available in several configurations, including actuators, translation stages, or jacks, to offer the ideal choice for an application's needs.

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